Our holsters can be handcrafted from these exotic skins: Shark, Ostrich, Ostrich Leg Skin, Lizard, Snake, Alligator, Stingray, And more (ask for details). Can be make to fit most semi-auto and doble action handguns. 

Exotic Skin Black Crocodile – Holster, Belt & Pouch $999.95 Each Exotic Skin holster is leather lined , The holster features hand molding to bring out both the form of the gun and the beauty of the hide. 1 1/2 Belt Flat-Black construction for all day comfort. Leather Lined This belt is lined and designed to be heavy enough to carry a pistol comfortably and securely. Premium cowhide lining adds strength to the belt without the added bulk of a heavy gunbelt. A beautiful belt for dress even without a holster. 1 1/2 Belt Leather Lined Nickle Buckle Set Standard This double mag. concealment pouch is leather lined and completely covered in the exotic skin of your choice. 1 1/2 Belt Leather Lined

Weight 4.0000 lbs



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