The Concealed Gun Holster Inside the Waist with Clip requires only a tucked in shirt for concealment, the only visible part of this holster is the metal clip. weapon access is accomplished by pulling the covering shirt up.

BHMRC-D is metal top reinforced. Common J Hook most holsters makers sell. It does not work most of the time. It slips off the belt. As you can see from this holsters, gravity and the weight of the gun will pull down on the holster towards the ground. There is only 1/8 of an inch of J hook on most designs, that has to be pulled down to slip under the belt. Physical activity will also aggravate the situation. Now when you draw, you get the holster and gun coming out of your pants. This is dangerous. The design does not work most of the time in our tests. Metal Clip Holsters Reverse J Hook is a design that will not slip off the belt when you draw the gun. It locks on and under the belt, The weight of the gun, gravity or physical activity will not effect this clip.

Fits most small frame Double Action Guns.

Weight 1.0000 lbs



Black Hills Leather

1 review for Concealed Gun Holster Inside the Waist with Clip – BHMRC-D

  1. Old Trooper (verified owner)

    I have owned this holster for two months now and could not be more pleased. I have two other holsters made by BHL. One is a cowboy rig for my .45 Redhawk and an outside the belt holster for my Judge. This holster is just as good as the other ones. I surfed the web at length to see what is out there before I ordered this one. I found some a hole lot more colorful and some cheaper. To me BHL makes holsters with a natural beauty, something I am proud to have people see me wear. I’m sure this holster will last longer than I do.

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