See our Inside the Waistband with Thumb Break Gun Holster. The waist holster carries the weapon upright, without tilting or angling, so it may be employed in a side, cross, or hip forward position. It features a strengthened thumb retention strap and a strong metal clip that secures the holster to the belt.

Constructed of premium steerhide, the Waistband fits belts up to 13/4″. Made for semiautomatic pistols and double-action revolvers, the Waistband is available in right or left hand designs in natural russet, dark chestnut and black.

Weight 1.0000 lbs


2 reviews for Inside the Waistband with Thumb Break Gun Holster – BH71-TB

  1. Barbarosa

    This is my second of recentlly purchased holsters from BHL and getting the initial fit was a LOT easier than the first which was a paddle holster for the underrated EAA K2 high capacity .45acp. It still took some work as far as twisting and stretching the new gun leather but that is a good thing. Helps to make the gun fit you and you alone. WIthin a very short amount of time you forget the holster is there. I got this one for a Glock 30 while I still await the parts to finish fully building up that compack Glock and was surprised by the VERY rapid turnaround time from when I placed the order and when I received it.
    I am currently “getting by” with a stock trigger assembly but have already installed the slide release extension and the take down lever extenion. Still waiting for the Fulcrum trigger and the titanium striker which, with the polished safety cup and the one pound lighter striker spring should provide me with a Glock 30 with somewhere below a 3 lb trigger with little to no take up and little to know overtravel. Excited about the whole thing and putting the entire piece in a true work of art like this IWB holster with its thumbsnap will be a great experience and I hope to make it my everyday gun. I will leave the MUCH larger paddle holster to winter weather when I can wear a jocket to cover that K2. A simple shirtail is all you need to conceal this beauty.
    Mr. Lozano is a true holster artist who obviously takes great pride in his worksmanship as each holster leaves you with no doubt about the quality of its build much less the beauty of its design.
    This is just one great IWB holster and I have tried several but none come close to the custome quality of this fantastic holster that I am proud to be the owner of.

  2. Joe Cargyle

    Everything about this holster is rock solid, does exactly what it was meant to do and nothing it wasn’t. I expected the holster to be comfortable, the thumb strap to work properly and to stay at the vertical “no cant” position. It did all those things with out fail. It also stays high on the belt or low on the belt and/or sight cant forward or backward if you put it there because the clip is BADASS!! Recommend to everyone!

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