See our Thumb Break Belt Slide Gun Holster. A holster that fastens to the belt with two snaps and is made to be worn and removed without unbuckling the belt, ensuring the wearer’s comfort and ergonomics.

Weight 1.0000 lbs



Black Hills Leather

5 reviews for Thumb Break Belt Slide Gun Holster – BHSSTB

  1. Mac

    If you want top notch well made holster this is it! the quality workmanship and fit are as good as it gets and affordable. I have desantis, blackhawk and a few others. I wish I just came to Blackhills first. you won,t regret it. I am very happy with BHSSTB for my xdm .45 and getting another for my beretta. NICE WORK

  2. Keith nyc

    Rudy is an artist, this holster fits like a glove. It’s great quality and the workmanship is outstanding. My xdm 45 compact has permanent home. I was so pleased with this holster that I ordered another for my px 4 compact. Rudy even made this one with double snaps each side as requested. I’ll only buy holsters
    Made here from now on.

  3. motorcop01

    I have one for my Kimber and love it! Now I need one for my S&W MP 9 shield with the CTG!

  4. Richard

    I hate to do this as I always try and give people the benefit of the doubt, but if I can save one person the frustration and money of buying anything from black hills leather it’s worth it.


    Let me tell you my story.

    I ordered 2 holsters back in Sept. 2017 one on the 16th and one on the 18th. I got the one I ordered on the 16th pretty quickly, about 4 weeks. Holster was OK.

    The other one though, that’s a different story. I ordered a BHSSTB, after about 7 weeks I contacted Rudy to get an update on the status. He emailed back saying he’d check, a week goes by, nothing. I email him back and he sends me the tracking from the first holster I received already. I told him that was the wrong tacking number. Then for 3 weeks he tells me each week it will be done next week? Then finally on the 29th of November he tells me it’s shipping today. A few days go by and no tracking so I email him and he tells me he sent it. I didn’t get it I say. He says he’ll send it again. a few days go by, nothing. Email him again and he says he’s sent the tracking to me 3 times. I said no you didn’t. Then on the 5th of December I get a tracking # that shows it was generated on and picked up in Laredo on December 4th, 6 days after he said he originally sent it to me, kind of odd that the tracking number was generated in the future! I finally got the holster a few days later and guess what? It wasn’t made correctly! I could not attach the retention strap in either the hammer down position or cocked and locked. The strap was to short and at the wrong angle. And the opening was not cut correctly so every time the gun was holstered it would hit the mag release, releasing the magazine. I contacted Rudy and informed him of the problem complete with pictures showing what the problem was. It took him a week to finally get back to me. He said he would make another one and send it out. A couple of days latter he asked if I could send the one I received back to him and I said sure, email me a shipping label. I never got the shipping label. So I never sent it back. Why I should I pay return shipping on a product that wasn’t made correctly. So about the middle of January I contacted him to see if he was working on it as on the 21st of December he said “I am making you a new holster, I will do my best to send it next week” Well that didn’t happen. Finally the middle of February I get an email saying he has it done and he just needs to know how I carry? Cocked and locked or hammer down. I told him what I wanted and figured it would ship in few days. Oh how I figured wrong. I still don’t have the holster (April 5th 2018) and Rudy will not answer my emails. He strung me along just long enough to pass the 120 days limit for disputes on paypal so now I have a holster that will only work if cut the retention straps and modify the opening so it doesn’t release the magazine when the gun is holstered.
    His web site says 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

    Well Rudy,


  5. Donald (verified owner)

    I’ve had this holster for a year now. I purchased it for a steel-framed Ruger SR1911 Commander. Since I’ve had it, it has been everything I hoped it would be. It was easy to break-in and the draw from it now is as smooth as butter. However, the straps keeping it on the belt have not stretched out very much and still keep the pistol tucked in close to the body. I’ve been buying holsters since 1978. I’d say this is one of the very best I’ve ever gotten. Quality workmanship at an affordable price. I’ll be buying from Rudi again.

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