The BH-SH-iPhone Double Shoulder Holster is one of the most efficient, discreet and comfortable forms of smartphone carry available today.  It enables you to carry a two iphones or smaprtphones on its own. I can make any of the cases you see for any other cell phones you have.

This Shoulder Holster have all the outstanding design features and attention to detail that come as standard with every Black Hills Leather holster, and are virtually impossible to beat for lightness, security, concealment and comfort.


  • Molded sight rail   
  • Durable leather straps  
  • Handboned holster  
  • Horizontal or Vertical draw
  • Tension screw to allow for custom draw

If you are using a Protective Cover, please send me a link to your cover.

I can make any of the cases you see for any other cell phones you have. Just send me a note indicating which phone (the exact phone & model etc., it is best to send a link to the actual phone). Whether the phone has a silicone case or any other hard plastic case including full cases, once again a photo or a link will help). I can also customize the belt loop or strap color, just let me know if you want any specific color. If you have other design suggestions, do let me know and I will make the design for you.

Weight 1.0000 lbs



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