Award winning artist Rudy Lozano is one of the few Americans still making fine, high quality leather, silver, and gold pieces by hand.
An authentic piece of Rudy’s work will bear his handwritten signature and stamp

The King Double Shoulder Holster is a very comfortable balanced double shoulder holster system. Will be made to fit most semi-autos and revolvers.
Constructed of premium Ostrich Leg leather 
Sleek design providing comfort and pistol security 
Adjustment screw to set desired tension
Reinforced thumb break, for quick access
Includes your choice of molded Double Mag Pouch or Mag+Light Pouch or Mag+Cuff Pouch and also leather tie downs to anchor it to the belt if you wish 
Durable X-style harness design for comfort and the ability to carry an off-side pouch
Open muzzle design
Available in right or left handed
Thick firm shoulder straps that provide comfort 

* Molded sight rail 
* Durable leather straps 
* Handboned holster 
* Thumb-break snap
* Tension screw to allow for custom draw

Weight 1.0000 lbs



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