Award winning artist Rudy Lozano is one of the few Americans still making fine, high quality leather, silver, and gold pieces by hand.
An authentic piece of Rudy’s work will bear his handwritten signature and stamp. 
The RLSH03 Dual Gun shoulder-holster system is one of the most efficient, discreet and comfortable forms of concealed weapon carry available today. It enables you to carry a two pistol on its own , it additionally allows for the carry of two spare magazines as well on the back .With two pistols, one under each arm ! Available in both left-handed and right-handed configurations. This RLSH-003 Dual Gun Shoulder Holster Rig have all the outstanding design features and attention to detail that come as standard with every Rudy Lozano holsters , and are virtually impossible to beat for lightness, speed, security, concealment and comfort. 

The RLSH03 Dual Gun Shoulder Holster System allows for the carry of a pistol plus two spare magazines by removing one of the holsters. This is done by quickly and easily removing the holster and fitting the double magazine holder on the same place. It’s as easy as that! As ever, the harness is infinitely adjustable to allow for the precise positioning of both weapon and component carrier, and is wide over the shoulders to take the weight of the hardware.
It has been said that the fastest reload is a second weapon. With that in mind, here’s the RLSH03 Dual Gun Shoulder System. It uses the same leather crossover harness as the RL01 Double Shoulder Rig, only this time the component carrier RLSH03 has been replaced by a second holster in a left-handed configuration, allowing you to comfortably carry two weapons simultaneously, one under each arm. Thus main weapon and primary backup, or two primary weapons, may be carried in concealed comfort. 

These holsters are uniquely excellent and provide the optimum means of comfortable, efficient covert carry

This holster is designed for all day comfort and a fast smooth draw. It is constructed of premium alligator skin or from any other exotic skin and includes two holsters & harness. Accessories are sold seperately. Double Magazine Holder is only $169.95 and Handcuff Case is only $69.95. 

Molded sight rail 
Durable leather straps 
Handboned holster 
Thumb-break snap

Weight1.0000 lbs



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