The BH3 Hunting Shoulder Gun Holster is designed for hunters who want the weight of the gun to be spread over the back and shoulder. Its design is for all single and double action revolvers, including .460 Casull and 500 Magnum, and all large caliber handguns, scoped or not.

  • Best Shoulder Holster Leather Made for all semiautomatic pistols and double-action revolvers including; 1911, Beretta, Bersa, Browning, Canik, Caracol, Caspian Arms, Colt, CZ, Daewoo, EAA, FMK, FN, Gamo, Glock, Grand Power, Heckler & Koch, ISSC, Kahr Arms, Kel Tec, Kimber, LW Seecamp, Magnum Research, Makarov, Mauser, Para-Ordnance, Phoenix Arms, Rex, Rock Island, Ruger, Sarsilmaz, Sccy, Sig Sauer, Smith & Wesson, Sphinx, Springfield Armory, Star, Steyr, STI Intl (Staccato), Tanfoglio, Taurus, Walther, Wilson. Best Shoulder Holster Leather Made for all double-action revolvers and single-action revolvers including; Beretta, Chaippa, Charter Arms, Cimarron, Colt, EMF, Pietta, Ruger, Smith & Wesson, Taurus, Taylor’s & Company, Uberti  If your gun make or model is not in this gun list, just put it down on the order form and we can make it for you.

– Molded sight rail 
– Durable leather harness straps 
– Hand boned holster Double Ply Leather Holster 6 round bullet slide $29.95 
– Gun with Scope $99.95 

Weight 1.0000 lbs


2 reviews for BH3 Hunting Shoulder Gun Holster

  1. WJE

    Black Hills Leather created a customer holster based on this model for my Springfield TRP Operator with a Surefire X400 light attached. The fit and finish are excellent and it is a great solution for my needs. The gun draws well with the light attached and I think these type of chest holsters are great for carry around the property

    Thanks for the great solution!

  2. TOM C

    The holster is not only comfortable and functional, it is a true work of art.
    Rudy is a true craftsman and a complete gentleman to deal with
    My holster was made to accommodate a Trijicon mini reflex sight.
    The fit was amazing. I highly recommend Rudy if you want something that was passionately hand crafted.

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